**10 Years of Glitter, Glamour, Decadence**


Liebe Gäste,
dieses Mal ist der Cirque Rouge eine bestuhlte Veranstaltung, die Covid Regelung wird hierbei natürlich von uns eingehalten.
Wir empfehlen im Eingangsbereich eine Maske zu tragen.
Es gilt wie immer unser Dresscode: Abendgarderobe der 20er bis 50er Jahre!



5. September 2020


Einlass 21:00

Showstart:  22:00

 Veramstaltungsende: 1:00



Hernalser Hauptstraße 55

1170 Wien




Burlesque by:

Michelle Marvelous

Kalinka Kalaschnikow

Russell Bruner

The Dazzling Daisies

Die Bordsteinschwalben

Club Mineur




King D



At the Cirque Rouge we kindly ask you to dress in 20ies to 50ies style clothing

ATTENTION ! Tickets will be more expensive for people who don not keep the dresscode!

The dress code also allows you to get the full „Cirque Rouge Experience“ and makes the event more special for all of us.


There are different styles welcome, starting from the 20ies and going until the 50ies. Inspirations may be:

Burlesque Starlets & Pin-Ups, Cabaret & Cancan, Dandys & Divas, Bohèmiens, Swingboys & Gigolos, Sailors & Uniforms, Glamour, Mafia & Prohibition, Moulin Rouge, Revue- & Variétegirls, Vaudeville etc.


You can get inspirations from movies such as:

The Great Gatsby, Cabaret, The Black Dahlia, LA Confidential...


Ladies may use accessoires such as cigarette holders, feather boas, gloves, pearls and seamed stockings; for men there are hats, suspenders and much more - don´t be shy, you can´t be „overdressed“ - more is more!


For girls who are especially interested in the vintage styling:

there are Workshops for vintage style make up & hair!